The founders Robert Ralston and Till Hastreiter in the caucasian mountains, somewhere close to the Chechnyan boarder. Shooting „the Breeder“.


Robert and Till met in a Cinema in Budapest in 1993. Robert was on his way home and Till on his way in. They bumped into each other and got stuck with each other ever since. They both studied directing and cinematography at the University of Arts in Budapest. Thanks to great teachers like Istvan Szabo and especially Koltai Lajos and Vilmos Zsigmond they learned how to make films. To follow their dreams they founded „gute filme Switzerland“ in 1999. In April 2019 we celebrated 20th anniversary, having created award winning feature films, documentaries, music videos and advertising campaigns. This makes us one of the most sustainable and versatile production houses in Switzerland.


gute filme has three major fields of operation: Art house film production, strategic marketing and content development.

Strategic marketing:

We started out offering production service for projects coming to Switzerland or Hungary. Later that field evolved to offering full service including content creation. We still offer service productions. Though content creation and strategic consulting for marketing campaigns around the world is what we do most and probably best.

Art house film production.

We love Cinema, thats how we started and that how we will end. Alternative storytelling is our heart and blood. We love to push the frontiers of our medium. We create and produce. We give people and stories the voice that they deserve. We know it does not necessarily put butter on the bread. But butter does not make you feel relevant. And relevance is what it is all about, isn’t it?


We develop content. For the corporate world, for the independent world and for the art world.
You got a good story that must be told. Than we can help you telling this story in a way it resonates with the people you want to resonate it with.